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A Brief History of Palenque Norte

by Dr. Bruce Damer

Palenque Norte 2012 on Facebook

Palenque Norte 2012
Palenque Norte Speaker Schedule

Hosted by Camp Above the Limit at 9:15 & B

NOTE: Links below are to podcasts and videos of these talks.

Tuesday, August 28th

11:45am Opening Ritual

1pm-2pm –Amanda Sage – “Vision Mapping for the Golden Age”

2pm-3pm – Music and Tea Break

3pm-4pm – Dr. Maddy - “The Politics of Knowledge in the Psychedelic Sciences”

4pm-5pm – Dr. Brian N. Hewlett
"An Algorithm of Human Consciousness and Implications for Artificial Intelligence"

5pm-6pm – Music and Tea Break

6pm-7pm – Charles Shaw – “The War on Consciousness and Psychedelics”

7pm-8pm – Ken Adams – Producing “The Terence McKenna Experience” movie

8pm-10pm – Movie Screening: “The Terence McKenna Experience”*

*additional late-night showings TBA

Wednesday, August 29th

Noon-1pm – Brian Wallace –“The Entheobotany of Cacao” 

1pm-2pm – Doctuh Naughtilee N.D. – “Entheogens and Plant Medicines”

2pm-3pm – Music and Tea Break

3pm-4pm – Daniel Pinchbeck

4pm-5pm – John Allen and Tango Parrish Synder – “Visions and Biospheres”

5pm-6pm – Music and Tea Break

6pm-7pm – John Gilmore and special guests

7pm-8pm – Rick Doblin, PhD

Thursday, August 30th

Noon-1pm – Troy Dayton and Sever Bearman, PhD
“The most Potent Psychedelic: the Person sitting next to You”

2pm-3pm – Music and Tea Break

3pm-4pm – James Oroc – “The Importance of the 2nd Psychedelic Revolution”

4pm-5pm – Robert Forte

5pm-6pm – Music and Tea Break

6pm – 7pm – Dr. Bruce Damer – “Manifesting the Golden Universe”

7pm-8pm – Lorenzo will appear via Skype for a Q&A session

8pm-8:30pm – Martina Hoffman's Video Tribute to Robert Venosa

8:30pm-10:00pm – Paul Stamets

Friday, August 31st

Noon-1pm – Hamilton Souther – “Healing through Sound and Ayahuasca”

1pm-2pm – Annie Oak – “Developing a Community Tea House Model”

2pm-3pm – Alex and Allyson Grey – “Psychedelic Family Business”

Welcome to Palenque Norte
your source for brain candy in MP3 format.
The pool at the Chan Kah in Palenque

     Our journey began with the legendary Entheobotany Conferences held at the Chan Kah hotel near the ancient Mayan ruins just outside of Palenque, Mexico. There, Terence McKenna, Jonathan Ott, Ann & Sasha Shulgin, and a host of other psychedelic luminaries passed along many insights, discoveries, and wild tales to the fortunate Tribe members who were there. And it was at the end of the pool where Terence McKenna gave some of his last talks at the Chan Kah.


Then in 2003, a few alumni from those conferences decided to have a "Palenque reunion" at the Burning Man Festival, and so we organized a theme camp and lecture series to continue the Palenque tradition.

Today, PalenqueNorte.org, is the place to find interesting talks on such topics as:

  • “The Future of Psychedelic Research”
  • “Drug Inspired Metaphysical Concepts”
  • “The Day the Universe Becomes Conscious”
  • “Waking Up from the American Dream”

We hope you will come back from time-to-time and listen to our latest postings of MP3s like these. . . . Better yet, subscribe to our PodCast channel , the Psychedelic Salon (it's free!). Then our new programs will be automatically downloaded to your iPod or computer each time we post a new PodCast. . . . Welcome to the future!

Psychedelic Salon

Here are a few pictures from
our Burning Man lecture series

Alex, Allyson, (and hidden) Zena Grey
giving one of the original Palenque Norte lectures in 2003

Galen Brandt and Bruce Damer
at their 2004 Palenque Norte Lecture

Daniel Pinchbeck
giving his 2005 Palenque Norte lecture

Sasha and Ann Shulgin
Burning Man 2006
Palenque Norte lecture at Entheon Village

Chan Kah pool, Richard Racette (left image), Bill Radacinski
2004 photo of Galen and Bruce by Bruce Damer

2005 photo of Daniel Pinchbeck by Bruce Damer
Other photos by Lorenzo

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