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"Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber"

Since 1997, the Mind States conferences and seminars have brought together renowned scientists, researchers, artists, and musicians from all over the world to present the latest findings in consciousness studies, with a particular focus on altered states of consciousness. Poster for the Mind States II conferenceTopics covered have included:

  • Near-death and Out-of-body Experiences
  • Memetics and the Evolution of Thought
  • Traditional and Modern Shamanism
  • ESP and Paranormal Phenomena
  • Brain Machines and Biofeedback
  • Spirituality and Psychotherapy
  • Psychoactive Plants and Drugs
  • Visionary Art and Animation
  • Thought-control Technology
  • Cyber-punk and Futurism
  • Virtual Reality Systems
  • and more

At Mind States II, Lorenzo Hagerty brought the audience to its feet with his novel thoughts about "Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber." This talk is presented below (in MP3 format) in its entirety. As is his custom, Lorenzo first prepares a written version of his talks, and then delivers the oral version from notes made from the written copy. Thus the written version and the oral version below may be slightly different.

MP3 Recording of Lorenzo at Mind States II
Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber
(Left click to play, right click to download
. . . or subscribe to our PodCasts and get Lorenzo's talk automatically)

SOUND BITES: The beautiful jewel of psychedelic thinking . . . the time between ages . . . the greatest mass extinction of species since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth

How does species-extinction affect me . . . keystone species . . . why haven't we saved the rainforest by now . . . a lot of work goes into being a psychedelic thinker

Entheospace defined . . . it is like we are living in Flatland . . . the reality of our existence . . . the role of psychedelic thinkers . . . the unlimited power of consciousness . . . a psychedelic thinker actively participates in the evolution of consciousness itself

Why do I believe what I believe . . . most people trust their culture over their personal experience . . . to psychedelic thinkers, experience comes before belief

"We do know what we know" . . . psychedelic thinkers are the most green people on Earth . . . where psychedelic thinking fits into our culture today . . . the arrival of the Cultural Creatives

Changing your world view . . . the dawn of a new species . . . what if the human species becomes extinct . . . consciousness is constantly seeking higher levels

The dawn of Homo cyber . . . a psychedelic being that is part human and part information . . . evolution through self-selection . . . the accelerated pace of technological change

Wireless Internet . . . universal wireless connectivity to the Net in 25 years is a trivial problem . . . Homo cyber as the opposite of Borg through psychedelic thinking

We are perfectly poised for a quantum evolutionary leap . . . the mission of psychedelic thinkers . . . breaking down the barriers of culture . . . Homo cyber is self-selecting . . . modern day Mummers

[NOTE: Although a part of the talk discusses an approaching war, this talk was given almost four months before September 11th 2001. The references, therefore, are not to what has transpired since that date.] . . . A cloud on the horizon . . . the sounds of war . . . the American Gulag . . . the insanity of the War on Drugs . . . the war on states of mind

World War III is the War on Drugs . . . the real objective is racist at heart . . . why are the power elite so afraid of MDMA

Jump Time, a speeding up of the evolutionary process . . . the coming singularity and 2012 . . . augmented human intelligence . . . the evolution of consciousness and Teilhard's noosphere

A global brain . . . the final battle of consciousness . . . evolution vs. revolution

Gorilla tactics for evolutionaries . . . don't go head-to-head with a dumb guy carrying a gun . . . evolution of culture is better than societal revolution . . . don't work for companies that do drug testing

The beautiful mountain called Consciousness . . . it is time to stand up and be counted . . . evolutionaries on the front lines of consciousness

Full Text of this presentation (read online in HTML format)

PDF version of this presentation  (right click to download the PDF version)

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