Knowing Purpose and Community
[Now available as a Podcast]

Jerry Candelaria & Ken Vanosky speaking at Burning Man 2003     Our closing conversation this year featured Ken Vanosky and Jerry Candelaria, two men with many years of community organizing behind them. This was the most interactive of the 2003 conversations, and in these recordings you will also hear from several members of the audience who added some significant thoughts of their own.

     If you have never been to a burn and think that the Burning Man experience is noting more than the world's greatest party (which is also is), this conversation will open up an entirely new dimension of the festival to you. And if you are a conservative, you might want to listen closely to this conversation, for these are some of the people who are creating the future you are about to inhabit. :-)

     As you will see, we have broken the MP3 files of this conversation into chunks to make it easier to download and listen to the parts that most interest you. Ken, Jerry, and Palenque Norte welcome you to download and listen to their entire presentation, but we do ask that you observe the copyright notice below.

MP3 Recordings of Ken & Jerry at Palenque Norte 2003

[Now also available in Podcast format]

    The links below are to MP3 recordings of Ken Vanosky & Jerry Candelaria's Palenque Norte conversation. If Windows Media Player is your default MP3 application, a left click on the file name will launch and play the file. To download and save the file to your computer, right click and select the “Save target as ... ” menu option. [Download Windows Media Player]

File 1: Introduction by Lorenzo ... how the Palenque Norte conversations came about (2.7MB, 3 min.)

File 2: A continuous and growing conversation ... Burning Man is a spontaneous community ... an invented reality ... total freedom, love, expression, and fun (4.2MB, 4 1/2 min.)

File 3: Building a virtual community ...growth of "The Community" ... connecting like-minded communities ... the energy of possibility (4.3MB, 4 1/2 min.)

File 4: How do we carry the Burning Man spirit out into the world ... the primary difference between the 60s and the energy of Burning Man (4MB, 4 min.)

File 5: There is a great wave of new consciousness coming through ... we are translating this new consciousness by our actions ... a new society is being created ... why do we have different behaviors at Burning man (4.2MB, 4 1/2 min.)

File 6: The idea that people pay the most attention to ... the conscious evolution of consciousness ... we are at the beginning of something immense (5.8MB, 6 min.)

File 7: The "territory" of Burning Man ... what difference does/will Burning Man make (5MB, 5 min.)

File 8: The alchemy of Burning Man ... we are bodies of inherited habits and patterns ... the glorious moment of choosing ... that wacky thing in the desert ... why vote (4.7MB, 5 min.)

File 9: So what is this ... each of us are compelled to regenerate this culture ... elements of a community that need to come into place ... beginning to envision something in the future ... the conversation must ultimately become political ... Raise The Frequency ... moving the conversation forward into the society in general (6.8MB, 7 min.)

File 10: What is your personal purpose in life ... altering the shape of history ... the more conscious you become the more awareness you bring to the system ... look what happens when people become aware ... the idea of memes ... the thing that prevents us from operating from the heart (6.8MB, 7 min.)

File 11: Danger areas we should be aware of ... the polarities we deal with give us choices ... staying friendly breaks down the system of preconditioned negativity ... abundance and brevity ... these festivals are what makes life worth living ... embracing hypocrisy (6.8MB, 7 min.)

NOTE: Unfortunately, our MP3 recorder ran out of memory at this point, thus cutting out the last five minutes of this presentation. If anyone has a recording of this talk, we would appreciate having a copy so we can complete this presentation in MP3 format. If you think you can help, please contact us at . Thanks.

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Burning Man 2003 Photo Gallery
[Photos courtesy of Sidney Gillette Bruce Damer, Jon Hanna, Jacob Max Nasim, & Lorenzo]
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Palenque Norte sign outside the lecture pod - Burning Man 2003

Palenque Norte sign outside the lecture pod

The Palenque Norte conversation schedule - Burning Man 2003

The Palenque Norte conversation schedule

The Man - Burning Man 2003


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