Drug-Inspired Metaphysical Concepts

Jon Hanna at Palenque Norte 01     Jon Hanna was the inaugural speaker for the Palenque Norte conversations that began at Burning Man 2003. The MP3 files below are Jon's and our gift to everyone who couldn't attend in person. Since this was the first time we produced a series of conversations for the citizens of Black Rock City, the technical quality of the recording leaves a little to be desired. As you will see from the pictures below, our lecture hall was less than optimal for a presentation of this quality. Unfortunately we were not able to capture the questions and comments by our audience and so have edited out a few parts of the recording that are quite difficult to hear.

     Jon and Palenque Norte welcome you to download and listen to Jon's entire presentation, but we do ask that you observe the following copyright notice:

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MP3 Recording of Jon Hanna at Palenque Norte 2003

Drug-Inspired Metaphysical Concepts
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Sound bites: The origins of spiritual ideas . . . Terence McKenna and John Lilly . . . How seriously should we take these ideas . . . Zoe7, Pablo Ameringo, and shamanism in the Amazon . . . Experiences with Ketamine . . . Natural vs. synthetic substances, morphagenic fields, and shared mind-states . . . Q&A . . . Hybrid entities, acacia resin, smoked DMT, becoming one being again, nitrous oxide, cannabis, daytime vs. nighttime tripping, MDMA and decision making

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Burning Man 2003 Photo Gallery
[Photos courtesy of Sidney Gillette Bruce Damer, Jon Hanna, Jacob Max Nasim, & Lorenzo]
[more photos]

Lorenzo Hagerty introducing Joh Hanna

Lorenzo launches the Palenque Norte conversations by introducing Jon Hanna on KPOD, FM 97.7, Black Rock City. Note the luxurious and airy lecture pod courtesy of Aetheria Village.

Palenque Norte - crowd 1 2003

A few of the people attending Palenque Norte's first “conversation” at Burning Man.

Jon Hanna at Palenque Norte 02

Jon Hanna chills out while Lorenzo kicks off the Palenque Norte conversations.


In the foreground is Steve, our camp's superman. He did everything from building pods, to repairing bicycles, and (as shown above), sacrificing his WiFi-equipped PC to the elements, along with his technical expertise, in an attempt to Webcast the conversations. Bits and pieces of a couple of the early conversations did actually make it onto the Net. But as Black Rock City grew in population so did the demand for it's very limited WiFi bandwidth. Thus we were not able to make a persistent connection to the Net. ... We've got some new ideas for next year, when we'll try again.


In the foreground is Zoe7's book “Into the Void” . . . the question remains whether Lorenzo was trying to plunge into the void or if Jon is trying to fend off the void.

Palenque Norte - crowd 2 2003

At Burning Man, the crowd comes equipped to entertain itself before the first conversation.

Jon Hanna among the pods

In the background are the roofs of several pods that have yet to be completed. Heavy dust storms kept the building of BRC to a snail's pace this year.

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