“Psychedelogy: A Novel Paradigm of Self . . . Mastering The Power of Belief”

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 Rafael Aisner - Burning Man 2003 speaking at Palenque Norte     Rafael Aisner founded The Rosetta Method School of Thought, to teach and develop his novel philosophical blend of Science, Mysticism, Psychology, Health, Urban-Shamanism and Empowerment.

     Rafael believes that each of us are multidimensional mystical creatures; gods, goddesses and deities, as well as physical beings, embodiments of Gaia, placed here on Earth to enjoy the beauty and love of life. He seeks to liberate us from the limitations imposed by repressive cultures, religions, and mythologies, and awaken us to the higher consciousness of Gaia, so that we can, once and for all, live in harmony with ourselves, and our environment.

     As you will see, we have broken the MP3 files of this conversation into chunks to make it easier to download and listen to the parts that most interest you. Rafael and Palenque Norte welcome you to download and listen to Rafael's entire presentation, but we do ask that you observe the copyright notice below.

MP3 Recordings of Rafael Aisner at Palenque Norte 2003

     The links below are to MP3 recordings of Rafael's Palenque Norte conversation. If Windows Media Player is your default MP3 application, a left click on the file name will launch and play the file. To download and save the file to your computer, right click and select the “Save target as ... ” menu option. [Download Windows Media Player]

File 1: We are believers . . . the things we tend to believe . . . did you ever believe you were a superhero . . . conscious vs. subconscious beliefs. (2.6MB, 3 minutes)

File 2: A new system of beliefs as a form of empowerment . . . how our beliefs limit us . . . where is your heart. (3.1MB, 3 minutes)

File 3: A myth I discovered about love . . . you heal yourself spiritually and physically. (2.5MB, 3 minutes)

File 4: The science of psychology is lacking . . . the myth of getting sick . . . a novel paradigm of self. (2.5MB, 3 minutes)

File 5: How do we figure this out . . . your life at the cellular level . . . the infusion of "who you are" into a group of cells . . . pleasure and pain. (4.3MB, 5 minutes)

File 6: Aspects of who we are . . . responding to negative stimuli's . . . even wars have helped us get to where we are, the question is what do we do from now on . . . the specialization of your aspects . . . you and your bus. (6.6MB, 7 minutes)

File 7: Conversing with you aspects (your inner selves) . . . moving in the direction in which you are most empowered . . . our higher selves are aspects too . . . you can create your own belief system and back out of the established mythologies. (3.8MB, 4 minutes)

File 8: The basic rules of tripping . . . a conversation with my body . . . our defense mechanism and reactionary behavior. (8.7MB, 9 minutes)

File 9: Your board of directors . . . you are indestructible. (2.9MB, 3 minutes)

File 10: Q&A) techniques to get in touch with yourself . . . if you think you truly know yourself, you are in for some big surprises . . . (you are family :-) . . . the secret is getting to know yourself . . . the spiritual aspects. (6.0MB, 6 minutes)


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