Art, Love, Family, and Psychedelics

"The Art of Alex Grey"

Alex, Allyson, and Zena Grey at Burning Man 2003     It was hot. It was dusty. It was Friday, and it was noon in the desert. But that didn't prevent the Palenque Norte conversation with the Grey's from being one of the best-attended daytime events of Burning Man 2003. After a spectacular Thursday night of revelry, when the citizens of Black Rock City would normally still be asleep, a small crowd began to form Aetheria Village's lecture pod. By noon the pod was packed, bicycles and people filled the village's common areas, and several art-cars were parked within range of our sound system. Later we were told that additional hundreds listened to the Grey's on KPOD, our village radio station. For many of this year's burners, it was one of their most talked-about events. Now, those of you who couldn't attend this wonderful presentation can hear it in the comfort of your home (or wherever your Internet connection is :-).

     The Grey's and Palenque Norte welcome you to download and listen to their entire presentation, but we do ask that you observe the copyright notice below.

MP3 Recording of The Grey's at Palenque Norte 2003

Art, Love, Family, & Psychedelics

Art, Love, Family, & Psychedelics
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SOUND BITES: The most inspiring gathering on the planet ... at Burning Man we're all artists; psychedelics are our cosmic glue; regarding the subject of art. . . . What is the subject of my art, visionary experiences; externalizing the soul; Three questions an artist should consider; what is the most important thing in your vision; why be an artist? . . . ) Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, & Zena Grey pepare to speak at Palenque Norte - Burning Man 2003What art can do; these other dimensions are informing us; get yourself in alignment with the creative force; a way of extending human consciousness; a portal into that external moment; the sharing of inspiration. . . . The next topic is Love; the nature of a long term relationship; how do you find that "right person"; aspects of a good choice; find your passion. . . . My work in an anatomy lab; a commonality of love-energy flowing through both of you; a morphing multi-human mask. . . . How do you keep your relationship interesting; the theory of compatible pathology; the better than me principle. My main guru; how you regard your guru.. . . An abnormally good relationship; being at Burning Man is a test.How to get through the rough patches; communication includes how you communicate; my first experience with "the elves"; how to be a better wife-parent-artist. . . . Our third topic is Family; why be a parent; the hardest-best thing we've ever done.What each of us are an expression of. The basic principles of parenting; your child as a reincarnated Buddha. . . . Parenting in other mind states. . . . Tell the truth about psychedelics to your children; knowing when to abstain; be discreet. It didn't really bother me. The really dangerous thing about these substances is that they're illegal. . . . 9th and 10th graders don't yet know about moderation; we think it best if they wait a bit; there are other ways to stand out in the crowd. Not doing drugs now is more original.It's hard for me to say what age would have been best for me to begin. . . . At their most positive, these are very bonding experiences; more people need to share their stories about the possibilities of these substances; it's an important message to keep getting out; the most indulgent concrescence of creative energy on the planet. . . . We should stand up for the things that have moved and inspired us. Where I learned anatomy; I want to make art about consciousness. . . . Status of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors; the space in Chelsea; come to Spirit New York; our collection fund to buy back important pieces for the Chapel. . . . The experience working with Tool; work with the String Cheese Incident. . . . My spotty relationship with art school; my basic complaint about all educational institutions; make an investment in yourself and your vision; how are we going to transform culture if we can't insert our dreams into the art world. Beware of dogmatic teachers. I salute all of you who support the arts.

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Burning Man 2003 Photo Gallery
[Photos courtesy of Sidney Gillette Bruce Damer, Jon Hanna, Jacob Max Nasim, & Lorenzo]
[more photos]

Zena Grey speaking at Burning Man 2003

Zena explaining the facts of life to Alex & Allyson

A pensive Alex Grey at Burning Man 2003

A pensive Alex Grey

Listening to Alex Grey at Burning Man 2003Listening to Alex Grey at Burning Man 2003

Some of the lucky ones who made it inside the lecture pod.

Outside the lecture pod looking in

Who is that guy on the outside looking in?

Outside the lecture pod looking in

Allyson Grey talking with Lorenzo Hagerty at Burning Man 2003

Allyson explains the meaning of life to a bedraggled Lorenzo.

Allyson Grey speaking at Burning Man 2003
Allyson & Zena Grey at Palenque Norte - Burning Man 2003

Alex, Allyson, & Zena Grey - Burning Man 2003

Zena, Allyson, & Alex Grey - Burning Man 2003
Zena Grey at Burning Man 2003

Zena, Allyson, & Alex Grey - Burning Man 2003

That's a picture of Terence McKenna behind Alex
... just keeping his eye on things :-).

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